About Me

Currently I am a CyberSecurity student at La Sapienza university in Rome, I graduated in computer science at "Università degli Studi di Salerno" with a thesis in Bioinformatics where I benchmarked the performances of Kernel Methods in DNA string comparison.

I like to write both backend and frontend applications, I have and high knwoledge of Java, Python, C/C++, HTML5 and CSS3, and also experience with frameworks like Spring, SpringBoot, Angular and libraries like React. I'm passionate about cybersecurity and free software.

I had realized some really nice websites using React, but I believie in a more accessible World Wide Web, with less Javascript code and tracking services running in the background, in which users can easily access content without the need for megabytes of data to be exchanged to take advantage of a content of a few kilobytes (have you ever used a recipes website?). Thats because this website may seem really bare for most of you.

I enjoy playing saxophone 🎷, listening to music and reading marvel comics

Some of my works:

University Notes

I've decided to publish the notes I take in class during lectures over here